Wrinkly Bits: Wasting Time


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In book three of Gail Cushman’s Wrinkly Bits series, Wasting Time, Audrey and Logan decide that the way to assert their independence and gain their children’s attention is to run away from home and escape to Sun Valley, Idaho. While cold weather interrupts their attempt at a honeymoon, they still enjoy the respite, sans children. But their children, weary of waiting for them to come to their senses, decide to ski in Sun Valley, where all are reunited. Audrey and Logan are happy, but their children? That’s another story entirely.

What Readers Are Saying

“Another great read by Gail Cushman! The third of this series, and I almost regret finishing it since I’m saying goodbye to my new friends. A very witty story that will keep you entertained. Lots of life’s wise “nuggets” as well. Looking forward to her next adventure, whatever that may be!”

— Brenda B.