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Wrinkly Bits

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In the style of Erma Bombeck and Paul Harvey, Gail Cushman reveals her take on life as a senior citizen, growing old with dignity, frustration, and enthusiasm. She unfolds the life journeys of the forty million Americans with graying hair and wrinkly skin who live and love among us.

Cushman says they are stories of nothing, yet it is the nothingness that makes these stories glow.

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All books are only $11 until July 31st.
Use coupon code ‘WRINKLES’ at checkout.

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Wrinkly Bits blog

An Adventuresome Spirit

An Adventuresome Spirit

This week I had the opportunity to do two things. I love to write and feel that no day should pass without putting a few words on a paper. Sometimes they are useful, other times...

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Who Me?

Who Me?

My oldest grandson, Nathanial, a Marine, is getting married to a lovely young woman, Rebekah. They are both from Alaska, but he is stationed in Washington D. C. where he is doing...

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Burning Daylight

Wrinkly Bits A Blog by Gail Cushman Burning Daylight My dad used to say this phrase to my brothers and me every Saturday, as he double-timed it up the stairs and ripped the...

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Meet Gail

Gail Cushman’s husband often teased that she had two useless degrees, a B.S. and M.A., both in Sociology, but he was wrong. Those degrees made Cushman a master of people-watching and now, with over twenty cruises behind her, she has observed more senior hijinks than she could possibly remember. A former Marine Corps officer and composition teacher, she now shares that mischief with her readers by writing a bi-weekly blog “Wrinkly Bits” here on  Cushman’s dream is to remind all of us that age is only a number and wrinkles equate wisdom. She is a native Idahoan with two grown children and four teenaged grandchildren, two in Idaho and two in Alaska.