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“The day after my blog comes out, I read every comment and so enjoy sharing lifes little adventures.” — Gail

Loving Again

The Loving Again, book is in the final stage, being edited for the last time, Gail and Robert are sending out submissions and looking for a publisher. Wahoo!

Widowed, what’s next? Gail and Robert write as they separately approached the question. The authors were both widowed after a long and loving life, they both decided to pursue life after widowhood, they met on the internet, fell in love, and decided to write a book about the life-changing rewards of finding romance. What better subject matter expert than two people who have the real-life experience of dealing with death, deciding to move on, meeting someone online, and falling in love in their seventies!

Murder in the Diocese

Murder in the Diocese, Gail’s first mystery, is in the final stages of editing. This book showcases veteran law officer, Maggie Monroe, wrestling with two issues, moving to Las Vegas from her job as Sheriff in rural Nevada and her new position as detective with the Las Vegas Police Department.

As the new detective in the department, she is assigned to unravel a case of found babies, twins of different races, discovered under a church pew and unclaimed. The case evolves as a young woman is burned to death, and Maggie discovers links between the woman’s death, the babies, and coverups within the church. Face paced and a page turner, for sure!

Murder Almost

Book 2 in the Maggie Monroe series “Time is the coin of your life, it is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.” Carl Sandburg.

Twenty-five years in prison for a crime he mostly didn’t commit would wear on anyone, but convicted felon Charlie Walker takes the high road, serves his sentence, and learns about Carl Sandburg and life. Sandburg’s famous quote echoes through the story, with a surprise ending.

Murder at the Brothel

Book 3 in the Maggie Monroe Series. A young woman is accused of murdering her mother in Reno and seeks refuge in the Chicken Dinner Ranch, a Nevada brothel where she hides in plain view. It is summer and Maggie and Brick decide to build an inground swimming pool for their twins, and discover a bomb shelter, in addition to the warren of tunnels, lies below ground on their property, and they locate a cache of valuables. They have their hands full trying to solve the two cases, only to gain another murder at the brothel.

Upcoming Adventures

Spring 2024

Cruise from Japan to China, to Malaysia

Winter 2024

Paris for Notre Dame opening