Wrinkly Bits: Out of Time


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Out of Time is the second book in the Wrinkly Bits series and humorously ponders the concepts of love through the years.

Logan, a retired podiatrist is smitten with Audrey. Like a love-struck puppy, he follows her home from a cruise, but she and husband Griff have been married for nearly fifty years and her marriage vows still reign supreme even though she’s been lonely and isolated for decades. Griff is a good man, and she loves him, but the spark went out of their marriage long ago. Realizing she has fallen deeply in love with Logan, she finds herself wondering if there is a chance for a better life, even this late in her game.

Audrey and Griff’s adult children live a state away and ask Audrey to babysit, leaving Griff, who is on the mend from an injury, at home. Logan seizes his opportunity and accompanies Audrey across state lines. Audrey’s adult children are dumbfounded to find her with another man and rush back to Hunter to implore retired schoolteacher Phyllis to care for Griff. Phyllis, who can’t resist a new adventure, launches her Academy of Romance, to teach Griff how to be romantic, proving that you can get carried away by love and libido no matter your age.

What Readers Are Saying

This is just what I needed to read right now on a day when my stressors are on the brink of boiling over…Thank you.
— Becky from Idaho 

Your writing always brings a smile to my face. Thank you!
— Trish from Florida