Wrinkly Bits: Cruise Time


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Wrinkly Bits: Cruise Time Gail Cushman’s first novel takes you on a cruise that’s filled with humor, life, and love geared for people of a certain age, whatever that age might be. Audrey and Griff Lyons are retired Idaho farmers who have been married nearly fifty years and have settled into a humdrum, spiceless routine of tolerating each other. But all that changes when Griff tells Audrey to dig out her bikini because a luxurious cruise awaits. In the first moments of the trip, Audrey spies Logan, a retired podiatrist, who immediately falls head over feet in love with her and sets off what turns out to be a series of spicy hijinks. The Lyons are joined by their friends Phyllis and Gus, who each are searching for excitement. Phyllis searches for new and adventurous things while her husband Gus seeks relaxation, beer, and babes, but with his excess girth, the finding babes isn’t in the works until he meets Dr. Lewis, who has her own lust for meaty men. Steve, a retired dentist, married his trophy wife Carlee twenty years ago, but with her acquired wrinkles and crinkles, she is less appealing and is clearly alcoholic. The three couples, all over sixty, rediscover their gusto for life, not to mention their libidos, on their way to sites unseen on the high seas.

What Readers Are Saying

“I’ve heard more than a few women say that when they hit 60, they seemed to become invisible. I can certainly relate. You go to a restaurant and everyone around you has an attentive server and you can’t even tell which server might have your section. You go to the doctor and your ailments are nothing to worry about, all typical for your age. Your kids and grands are busy and if you want to see them, you’ll need to go to their game where they will zoom by and say hi in passing. Gail’s Wrinkly Bits books put a humorous spin on these and so many other age related challenges. The books and blogs are funny, poignant and oh so relatable. I look forward to reading the adventures of me and my friends as we tackle the latter part of our life journey. It’s a great read and a great ride.”

— Patti Odell, Georgia