Wrinkly Bits: Bits of Time


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Bits of Time is a compilation of Gail Cushman’s bi-weekly laugh-out-loud blogs, filled with fun, laughter, and nostalgia. The series of two-minute reads glimpses the past, present, and future of life as she sees it.

In the style of Erma Bombeck and Paul Harvey, Gail Cushman reveals her take on life as a senior citizen, growing old with dignity, frustration, and enthusiasm. She unfolds the life journeys of the forty million Americans with graying hair and wrinkly skin who live and love among us.

Cushman says they are stories of nothing, yet it is the nothingness that makes these stories glow.

They are a part of, yet different from Cushman’s Wrinkly Bits series.

What Readers Are Saying

In “Bits of Time,” Wrinkly Bits creator Gail Cushman has woven together universal memories of growing up and growing old. Whether it was a laugh out loud moment, a nod of my head or a simple smile, every chapter elicited emotions in me. Gail’s stories awaken my own memories of growing up and helped me laugh at my own “growing older” experiences. I’m happy to have this book in my library.

— Sandy Stevens, Washington