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by | Feb 18, 2022 | Fans

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On June 30 of last year, my friends and former students Aaron Phelps and Jerry Pierce, both who were in our Gooding High School plays, honored me by forming a Gail Cushman Fan Club, Wrinklybits+, on Facebook. I laughed my head off and wondered if they had lost their ever-lovin’ minds. They told me, “Don’t worry, Mrs. C., you’ll get a bunch of fans, we’re sure of it.” I doubted it because, first of all, fan clubs were for celebrities like Annette Funicello or Mickey Mouse, not me, and secondly, I taught English and no one likes people who get excited about nouns and gerunds. I figured those two young men would be my only “fans” and wondered if they had been hit by a train or something in their younger days.

This morning, I opened the “fan” page, and saw that over 700 people were members. Was this the 700 Club? I don’t even know 700 people, so thank you for your support. I love hearing from you with your comments, likes, and dislikes about my ramblings. I especially enjoy those comments that say, “The same thing happened to me, just yesterday,” or something similar. Aaron and Jerry said, “Go for a thousand,” and maybe that’ll happen or maybe not.

My birthday is coming up, February 26 and I’ll be 76. I burst into tears when I reached 60 and tried to throw away all my mirrors when I reached 70, and now here I am six years later. Yikes. You have helped me through the craziness of Covid and the wrath of wrinkles and I feel indebted to you. I am way beyond getting birthday presents, but I would like to give you, my supporters, (dare I say fans?), a present.

If you have read my posts for a while, you know that I have written a few books and they are all available on my new website But to celebrate my 700 new friends, and as thanks on my birthday, I want to give you a little present. I am offering my books for $12.00 (instead of $18.00) including shipping until February 28th. Share them with your mother-in-law, friends, or give the autographed books to your library (taking a healthy tax deduction for a gift to your local library). Use the code WB22 on the website.

I began writing blogs in February 2020 and now have posted over two hundred blogs to various social media sites. It’s my pleasure to write them and I’m glad you enjoy them…Thank you and may God bless you!  Gail

I have a great new website: Please browse, join my adventures, and read my past blogs, oh, by the way, buy my books! Sale Code WB22.

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