Murder in the Parsonage


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Book one, Murder in the Parsonage, details the story of the murder of a beloved priest and high school principal, unraveling of the “why” in a tiny rural town in Barrier, Nevada.  Novice Sheriff Maggie Monroe, accompanied by former LA Detective Brick O’Brien and deputy KG Garrison, work to solve the murder and in unwittingly unravel a whole bunch of other crimes.

What Readers Are Saying

“Gail Cushman brings the ‘extra panache’ with her Breaking Barrier books. She weaves a PERFECT tapestry of unpredictable mystery plots with colorful, imperfect, and unconventional characters. After working four decades in law enforcement, I thought I had seen it all. Then along came Gail Cushman…you will absolutely love these books!” 

— Mike Moser, Ada County Sheriff’s Office (Retired) 

“Gail Cushman’s Breaking Barrier mysteries are fresh, funny, and entertaining. The multiple layers of her eccentric characters kept me turning pages to find out what was coming next.” 

— Agnes Sowle, Attorney-at-Law (Retired) 

“Gail Cushman’s Breaking Barrier series offers readers fun and seemingly unsolvable mysteries by realistically blending criminal offenders’ behaviors with the behaviors of those charged with managing them. Cushman’s mysteries kept me guessing, kept me entertained, and kept me wanting more.” 

— Christine N. Barrera, Probation/Parole, Pre-Sentence Investigation Supervisor (Retired)