Murder at the Brothel

In the third book of the Breaking Barrier Series, Murder at the Brothel finds Sheriff Maggie Monroe, husband/deputy Brick O’Brien and deputy KG Garrison digging a swimming pool for a summer sun and fun when they discover a bomb shelter that holds mysteries about the Chicken Dinner Ranch, a local brothel.

What Readers Are Saying

“Forty years of working in prison systems left me curious to read Gail Cushman’s Breaking Barrier books. I found them to be intriguing and captivating. From the first page I was enthralled with the eccentric, mysterious, and engaging characters. The books kept me guessing on ‘who did it’ while the small details brought me into the storyline. Highly recommend!” 

— Pam Sonnen, Idaho Department of Corrections Deputy Director (Retired), Prison Consultant 

“Thirty years in law enforcement, I have seen all kinds of criminal behavior. Gail Cushman’s Breaking Barrier books spin those behaviors into quirky mysteries. Fun reads!” 

— Shaun Gough, Gooding County Sheriff